break records with an ad agency’s help

The journey to the top started with a great partnership—and a unique way to look at baseball marketing. Working with Borshoff, a full-service advertising agency in Indianapolis, helped the team set record numbers year after year.





Building a good marketing plan is like building a good team. You have to know what you’re doing well, and where you can make a bigger impact. At Borshoff, we worked with the Indians marketing team to analyze seasons of research and find unique audience trends. Then, we spent time experiencing the stadium—trying out every seat and every suite.

Once you’ve got your team built, it’s time to set the lineup. The strategy sets the tone for the entire campaign, so it’s important to get this right. We looked at the audiences and the market, and came up with a strategy that set the Indians apart from the other summer attractions: Victory Field is where you see baseball’s future legends get their start.





Everyone knows that game day is the most fun part. As a full-service agency, we took the strategy we developed and turned it into bold outdoor, print, radio, TV, and digital solutions to make sure everyone knew where they could see legendary baseball. 

At the end of the game, the score says it all. And each season the Indians have been working with Borshoff, they've exceeded attendance goals. The campaign we developed in the first year broke the stadium’s attendance record. The next year, the record was broken again. And last year’s creative campaign outsold every other MiLB team.

Is your team looking to see growth like this? Now, you can get Borshoff’s full case study on our campaign with the team, including research methodology, strategy development, a sampling of the creative work, and detailed breakdown of ROI.

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